Any Questions?

So, what can I do for ya?

Interested in a custom made piece?

Didn't find exactly what you wanted from my online selection? No worries, I'm a picky person as well. Feel free to email me and we can talk about it or you can schedule an appointment.

Scheduling An Appointment

I like to offer my customers an opportunity to reserve appointments (via email) for custom orders that require more time to make sure I get all the fine details. For all other requests, comments and concerns, just write me here.

Peace & Love,



I know what you are thinking: "How much is this going to cost anyway?" 

Not every custom piece will be priced the same. After I consult with you on your design, I will give you a rough quote based on the level of detail and how long I estimate it will take to finsh. The quote is subject to change, at my discretion, if the design is altered and therefore requires less or more time to complete.